KNMB Grants KNMB Grants

Each year Keep New Mexico Beautiful awards grants to schools, villages, municipalities, chambers of commerce, organizations, and government agencies. Grants are made for solid waste management and litter control activities; native landscaping and beautification activities; and educational recycling activities. Grant applications are available each year.

• All KNMB grants operate through a reimbursement process.
• After official KNMB approval, organizations are expected to “FRONT” the costs, implement and complete the project, provide a final report on the project
• ONLY upon completion and fulfillment of KNMB terms, awardee will receive reimbursement
• Questions about our grants program should be directed to to forward to the grant committee chair.

The KNMB grants program is supported by New Mexico Clean & Beautiful, a program of the New Mexico Tourism Department.

We are currently accepting grant applications beginning January 15, 2014.
All grant applications that are sent via e-mail must be in PDF format
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Arbor Day Grant

Grants in this category are allocated for planting of trees, and tree / vegetative restoration projects. Arbor Day is officially celebrated in New Mexico on the second Friday in March.

• However, with New Mexico’s many climate zones, planting might be delayed to late spring.
• KNMB would like to partner with one Arbor Day grant recipient to showcase their project for the State's celebration.

Some previous grant ideas that have been funded by KNMB:

  • School beautification tree plantings
  • Planting of drought tolerant and naive trees in parks and medians
  • Tree plantings around municipal buildings and libraries
  • Plantings along the Bosque or wilderness areas


Solid Waste, Litter Control, Graffiti Eradication, & Recycling

These grants may be used for "hands on" projects, trash cleanup, creation/expansion of recycling facilities, and provision of trash receptacles as well as graffiti eradication.

Some previous grant ideas that have been funded by KNMB:

  • School recycling programs
  • Recycling programs for municipalities
  • Recycling in government buildings
  • Recycling awareness publications and videos



Education grants are provided to assist schools, educators, and youth groups as well as other organizations and communities. Projects may include environmental projects, tree plantings and campus xeriscape projects, educational outdoor gardens, horticulture/nature education, recycling projects, campus clean-up projects, and other creative educational opportunities.

Some previous grant ideas that have been funded by KNMB:

  • Educational xeriscape gardens
  • Natural area restoration with local school groups
  • Grow stations/labs
  • Mural projects
  • Recycling awareness publications and videos


Native Plant & Landscaping

These grants may be used for low water-using planting, utilizing plants native to the Southwest in a natural setting (NOTE: no planters).

Some previous grant ideas that have been funded by KNMB:

  • State and city parks
  • Municipal buildings beautification
  • Highway wildflower plantings
  • School beautification projects
  • Outdoor classrooms


KNMB Month

KNMB Month is celebrated in April in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful Month activities. Projects may include plantings, litter and graffiti clean-up campaigns, and landscaping.

Some previous grant ideas that have been funded by KNMB:

  • Beautification of a Veteran Park
  • Municipal buildings beautification
  • “Plant a promise” school campus beautification
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Senior Center Herb gardens
  • Sensory gardens