How to Apply to KNMB, Inc. Grant Program How to Apply to KNMB, Inc. Grant Program

KNMB Grant Program Goal

Keep New Mexico Beautiful, Inc. (KNMB) is the official clearinghouse for beautification projects in the State of New Mexico granted by the Litter Control & Beautification Act H.B. 158 as amended.

• We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and educating New Mexicans about beautification, xeriscape, graffiti eradication, litter control, recycling, community stewardship, volunteerism and pride in our state.
• KNMB’s grant program is supported by New Mexico Clean & Beautiful, a program of the New Mexico Tourism Department.
• The KNMB grant program supports projects that improve and educate communities, public spaces, and institutions.
• The approval of grants and allocation of funds is dependent upon KNMB Grant Committee review, availability of funds, the number of applications received, and compliance with grant requirements set forth below.
• The KNMB Board of Directors strongly encourages all grant applicants and recipients to become KNMB members which will increase your access to KNMB related funding opportunities, resources, and information.

Guidelines for Eligibility

KNMB funds projects that benefit the public and public institutions.

• Any organization is welcome to apply for KNMB grant funds provided that the project benefits public land or the community (i.e. park tree planting or community cleanup).
Projects that do not qualify for KNMB funding include landscaping or improvement of private institutions and private grounds.
• If you have a question about the eligibility of your proposed project, please contact the KNMB office at: 1-800-760-5662 or email prior to starting the application process.

Items Not Eligible for Grant Funding

The follow items are not eligible:

  • Labor, wages, or stipends
  • Gas, travel costs, per diem
  • Promotional materials such as pens, pencils, give-aways, banners, t-shirts
  • Food
  • Benches and gazebos
  • Grass turf and artificial turf
  • Fencing
  • Cement
  • Utilities

Landscaping or improvement of private institutions and private grounds is NOT eligible for KNMB Grant funding.

Grant Application Requirements

Grant submittal:
• In an effort to reduce the use of paper, KNMB is happy to announce that we will now accept your grant application in PDF or Word format via email to It must conform to all application requirements and deadlines. You will receive confirmation from KNMB that your application has been received.
• Hardcopy applications are still accepted (although for paper reduction reasons we encourage you to send your application electronically) by sending original plus six copies to the office postmarked by the deadline.


All applications must be emailed or postmarked on/before January 4, 2013
All grant applications that are sent via e-mail must be in PDF format


!! NOTE !!

Failure to perform any of the 4 “MUST’s” in the Grant Requirements will automatically make the applicant ineligible for grant funding. The maximum funding in any grant category is $800.00. An itemized budget MUST be submitted showing all expenditures.

1. Hardcopy grant applications MUST submit original and six (6) copies.
2. All applications MUST be emailed or postmarked on/before the deadline stated in the application.
3. All sections of the grant application forms MUST be completed.
4. Please include “BEFORE” pictures, landscape plans, diagrams, and other information necessary to fully describe the nature and scope of the proposed project. Additional pages must be attached to the application.

Each organization can apply for up to three grants. An application is required for each grant category. They EACH will be graded as separate grants. The totality of such multi-category projects will be considered.

All publicity relating to this grant shall clearly state that the grant was received from Keep New Mexico Beautiful, Inc.
• If grant funds provide for permanent items such as trash/recycling bins or planters, the KNMB logo will be displayed.
• A copy of the KNMB logo is available upon request.

Ceremonies and celebrations are highly encouraged to showcase and publicize KNMB grant projects, especially for Keep New Mexico Beautiful Month and Arbor Day grants.

Grant Reimbursement Requirements

This is a reimbursed grant program.

• Upon award, grant recipients will be mailed a Grant Voucher authorizing expenditure up to the grant amount funded.
• Recipients will make their purchases according to the itemized approved budget based on proposed budget and original application or according to those items that the grant committee approved.
• If there are changes to your original budget, approval must be received from KNMB to retain eligibility for reimbursement.

After the project is completed, recipients shall submit a final grant report summarizing the project and including receipts, photos and copies of publicity or press before KNMB will reimburse approved grant expenses.
• Include an “actual” budget for each category submitted.
• Please show in-kind contributions of partners.

Only organizations and entities, not individuals, are reimbursed. Please submit receipts that reflect grant purchases only. Do not include personal transactions on grant receipts.

“BEFORE” and “AFTER” photographs and/or photographs documenting the grant funded activities are mandatory. KNMB reserves the right to use any photos submitted for media, publicity or to further the activities of KNMB.

Paid receipts, final grant reports and photos MUST be submitted to KNMB for re-imbursement by the final report deadline stated in the application. If any of these are not timely submitted, KNMB reserves the right to reallocate grant funds.

If your project changes or you can not complete your project, PLEASE call or the KNMB office.

If there are changes to your original budget, seek approval from the KNMB office first. E-mail the grant committee chair and “CC” the KNMB office.GrantApplication.pdfGrantApplication.pdf